Designed for easy integration

You don’t have to change the way you work to start working smarter. Register for your free trial and start using Paycada today.

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Paycada works with:

Paycada supports all major finance and accounting platforms with no complex setup required.

Easy Setup

Start getting paid faster with effortless integration

Paycada is built from the ground up to integrate with your existing accounting software. So it just works, with no learning curve and no disruption.

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Step 1

Sign up to Paycada

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Step 2

Select the accounting software you currently use

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Step 3

Log into your accounting software and grant Paycada access

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Step 4

Paycada will import your outstanding invoices and start getting you paid!

The Paycada Difference

Paycada goes beyond your existing software

If you’re already using one of the leading digital accounting platforms, why would you need Paycada as well?

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Payment reminders that really work

Paycada goes way beyond basic invoice reminders, using data analytics to send automated reminders tuned to get the optimum response from individual customers.

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Prioritised, actionable information

You can use your accounting software to view invoices you’ve issued, but only Paycada will tell you which invoices need attention and what you can do about it.

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Better customer experience

A branded payment portal offering a range of frictionless payment methods saves time for your customers and makes it easy for them to pay.

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Comms with added value

Polished, professional payment reminder and thank-you messages with fully customisable content offer opportunities to suggest further purchases and build the relationship.

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We are the collections specialists

Your accounting platform might be a jack-of-all-trades, but our focus is on getting you paid. We are the masters when it comes to converting outstanding invoices to money in the bank. 

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Try Paycada free for 4 months

Register for our early adopter programme and enjoy all of Paycada’s features completely free for three months.

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