Reduce aged debtors quickly and without risk to client and supplier relationships.

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Lara Manta - Bookkeeper

“Paycada fits around your business and how you want to chase people.”

Lara Manton, Bookkeeper

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Why your clients will love Paycada

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Reduce late payments and improve cashflow without the hassle you’re used to

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Sympathetically manage and protect your valuable customer relationships

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It’s free! No monthly fee or per-seat cost. Just a 2% card fee for non BACs payments

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Dashboard shows late payer status along with upcoming actions

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Full control over which clients need to be chased - you might not want chase all clients

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Card and bank payments automatically reconciled in your XERO software

Why bookkeepers and accountants love Paycada

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Eliminate the repetitive tasks you currently undertake, saving you time

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Simplify and enhance the customer payment process along with automatic reconciliations

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Avoid difficult conversations with occasional and persistent late payers

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No contractual commitment or ongoing fees. No cost for BACs payment.

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Easily and securely click between all your clients using Paycada, from one dashboard

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Talk with your Paycada account manager to resolve any questions you might have

How Paycada fits in

Paycada then directly reconciles payment with your accounts package, reducing time and cost. Paycada’s dashboard quickly identifies late payers and what customised actions are scheduled.

Payments are made directly to Paycada and then paid to the client’s bank. Paycada is part of the trusted and regulated Bluestone financial services group.

Paycada sits next to your accounts software and reduces the number of late payments by sympathetically keeping in touch with customers, encouraging them to pay.

Personalised messages sent by email, coupled with the ability to pay multiple invoices quickly and easily directly from the email.

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Create invoices on your accounts software


Paycada starts collecting

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Client receives intelligent payment reminders

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Client pays through an easy to use payment portal

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Paycada delivers informative metrics

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“I was very pleased to receive a payment from the first email Paycada sent out to one of our customers, with them paying instantly and reaching out to me personally to apologise for the late payment.”

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Izzi Rosenberg

Chartered Accountant

Talk to Ella Trude

Head of Customer Services

“It’s so rewarding to work with bookkeepers and accountants and see a real change in the way they are improving the efficiency of the services they provide for their clients. If you'd like to know more, just give me a call. I’m here to help.”
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Ella Trude - Paycada Business Development

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