Your Quick Three-Point Playbook to Survive and Thrive in 2023.

January 20, 2023

“In 2023, automation will be a vital investment for finance teams, not only to do more with less people, but to give professionals more time for value-add projects.” – SME Guidance for Business Growth

At Paycada, we know that managing cash flow and tackling invoices is a daily task. And that will be no different in 2023. And while this year is expected to bring even more financial challenges for business owners and finance teams, it also brings opportunity to:

work smarter & more efficiently
increase productivity
streamline your business processes
spend time growing your business  
get back to doing what you love

So how do you overcome these challenges and seize the opportunity?

We have put together this quick three-point playbook to help you.

1.    Spend less energy on time-consuming tasks (like tackling invoices.)

Most businesses have some form of accounting software, but accounting software doesn’t help you prioritise who to chase. Paycada does.

Paycada quickly identifies and prioritises your late payers for you, so you don’t become overwhelmed trawling through invoices, wasting your time and energy working out which ones to focus on.

2.   Automate what you can

It’s hard to fit everything on your to-do list into your working week.

Finding software that can take manual tasks off your plate is one way to take more control. Plus, it will free up resource that can be used for tasks that will help drive business growth. 

Paycada’s unique payment chasing automation software sends invoice reminder emails that adapt to your customers' behaviour, so you don’t have to spend (waste) time writing and scheduling bespoke chaser emails for each unpaid invoice.

Our reminders are automatically sent at the optimal time with exactly the right message and tone – designed to get your business paid.

All you do is select which clients you’d like Paycada to chase. And we do the rest. 

3.   Don’t let customers treat your business like an extra bank account

As a small / medium business, it's easy to prioritise relationships over cash flow stability. It can be awkward to chase customers for the payment you’re owed. Which may be why over 58% of SMEs are struggling with unpaid invoices today.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Using specialist invoice-chasing software like Paycada eliminates the awkwardness. Paycada’s invoice-chasing process helps you maintain good working relationships with your customers by automating the entire process and by getting you the results you need. Paid invoices!

The Paycada Way - Getting you paid

Built on 50 years of industry experience and with over £240 million collected historically, the minds behind Paycada identified the need for a collections tool built with SMEs in mind.

We know one size does not fit all. Paycada ensures you get what you’re owed, while protecting those client relationships that are the lifeblood of your business.

Paycada takes away the frustrations of chasing payments, allowing you to focus on doing what you love!

Get in touch today to discuss how our systems will help your business.

Expert Advice by Ella Trude

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