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Say goodbye to late payments

Optimise your accounts receivable process with Paycada

Integrated seamlessly with Xero, Paycada aligns with your business, becoming an invaluable extension of your accounts receivable team

Tired of chasing late payments?

Late payments can disrupt your business growth, leading to cash flow issues, a lack of working capital and wasted resources on chasing overdue invoices. Traditional accounts receivable processes are often time-consuming and prone to errors, leaving businesses frustrated and financially strained.

Enter Paycada! Integrated seamlessly with Xero, our smart solution not only simplifies invoice management but also actively reduces late payments with automated payment reminders and real-time updates.

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Enhanced Collection Service

Do you have long-standing debt that remains unpaid despite repeated reminders? Paycada ensures no overdue invoice slips through the cracks. Boost your chances of getting paid with our Enhanced Collection Service - powered by our sister company Bluestone Credit Management, an FCA-regulated collections agency. This is a fully integrated service that takes debt recovery to the next level. Operating on a no-win, no-fee model, you only pay for the results we deliver.

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How Paycada fits in

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Create invoices in your Xero accounting software.


Paycada starts communications.


Client receives automated payment reminders.

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Trigger our fully integrated Enhanced Collection Service.


Client receives Bluestone Credit Management branded communications.


Client pays through our easy to use payment portal.

Supporting your business growth

Paycada not only reduces manual processes but also improves cash flow and working capital, leaving you to do what matters, growing your business.

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Get paid
on time and in full

Smarter reminders mean more invoices are paid on time.

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No more manual chasing

Paycada integrates seamlessly with your existing Xero account, and there’s no limit to the number of invoices you can manage.

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Minimum effort, maximum control

Our real-time Xero integration allows for instant and accurate data in your Xero account at all times.

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