Late Payments?

Not anymore, with Paycada. One click and you’re paid!

Invoice like normal using your existing Xero accounting software and Paycada will make sure your invoices get paid.

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No hidden fees.

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Xero certified.

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Get set up in 10 minutes.

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Over 50 years+ of experience in the financial sector.

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Reduce your debtor days by 47%

Paycada seamlessly collaborates with businesses of all sizes, optimising credit control, and expediting invoice payments, thereby significantly reducing debtor days by up to 47%!

Integrated with your existing Xero accounting system, Paycada aligns with your operations, becoming an invaluable extension of your accounts receivable team, tracks invoices and accelerates payments.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Helpful Assistant

“Paycada is like your little autopilot for accounts receivable.”

Remi Gruszka

National Sales Manager
Bespoke Service

“Paycada fits around your business and how you want to chase people.”

Lara Manton

Efficient Communications

"I was very pleased to receive a payment from the first email Paycada sent out to one of our customers".

Izzi Rosenberg

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Our  Enhanced Collection Service

We’re simplifying the challenging task of chasing invoices. Our enhanced collection service is your strategic solution for those persistent invoices that remain unpaid despite our automated efforts.

This service leverages the expertise of Bluestone Credit Management, who boast over 50 years of experience in the collections business.

Operating on a no-win, no-fee model, the enhanced collection service is tailored for businesses of all sizes. Simply trigger this service with a single click on your Paycada dashboard.

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The Benefits of Paycada

Add value to your business with less effort

Paycada integrates with your existing Xero accounting processes, and once connected, truly becomes part of your team, tracking customer behaviour and getting your invoices paid - faster.

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Get paid –
on time and in full.

Smarter chasing means more invoices are paid on time. Ensuring you get paid, without resorting to time-consuming follow-up.

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No more chasing invoices.

Working alongside your existing Xero accounting software, Paycada will automatically chase invoices for you.

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Minimum effort, maximum control.

Keep track of everything in one place, with overdue invoices flagged for your attention.

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Book a live demo with a member of our team and see Paycada in action.

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