Lara’s Story: One Less Thing to Think About

January 10, 2023

“Accountants and bookkeepers put in a level of service and a level of care that many people don’t see.” 

So says Lara, who has been running her own bookkeeping company for 12 years, working with small limited companies in the service industries. A key part of Lara’s role involves helping and advising her clients. But what many of them won’t know is how much their worries keep her awake at night.

Things came to a head earlier this year – Lara simply didn’t have the bandwidth to worry about her clients and take care of her own business. She was so focused on protecting her clients’ cash flow that her own admin and credit control would fall behind.

That was until she started using Paycada.

What changed for Lara?

Maintaining good relations and good cash flow

When you deal with your customers on a personal level, it can be difficult to change gear. To do for your own business what you routinely do for your clients. Chasing payment can feel awkward. Worse, it can feel risky.

Lara used to feel guilty whenever she had to reach out to ask clients why they hadn’t paid her and when she could expect payment. With very little of her work being done on a one-off basis, she would worry about the risk of losing future business.

But Paycada’s automated chasers remove that awkwardness. Paycada has done the hard work of researching and proving what messaging works best to receive prompt payment without damaging relationships. And so, Lara can now maintain friendly client relationships, while upping her game as a business owner.

A step-up from Xero

Lara used to rely on Xero’s automated reminders. But the process was cumbersome. The reminders had to be created manually, adding extra effort. The emails don’t have an integrated payment link to make it easier for customers to pay. And it’s too time-intensive to work out what chasers work and what don’t. 

With Paycada, Lara has peace of mind, with the knowledge that professionals write the email templates for her - backed by research and experience, and that they’re sent automatically at the optimal time to get paid. And all the while, Lara has clear visibility on the status of late payers, including highlights on the ones that need to be prioritised, from the Paycada dashboard. 


Complete control, for Lara and her clients

Paycada makes it as easy as possible for Lara’s clients, too. It gives them control over how they pay her with multiple payment options, from card payments to bank transfers, automatically built-in. And there’s no additional configuration required from Lara either to set this up.   

“Clients don’t have to go outside the system. They can just click on the payment link in their email.”

But what Lara really likes is the control Paycada gives her – over which clients get chased; and when. You can choose to turn Paycada on for certain clients and not others. It’s not an all-or-nothing choice. That’s important to Lara because she understands some clients can’t pay until they’ve been paid themselves.

“Paycada fits around your business and how you want to chase people.”

Paycada Experts

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