Wouldn’t it be great if your business really could say goodbye to late payments and unpaid invoices?

June 14, 2023

Let’s face it, running a business is never plain sailing, and often it’s the little things that soon develop into big issues.

Take invoicing and getting bills paid, for example, it only takes a few late payments to start putting increased pressure on business cash flow, and if they keep adding up, it can eventually spell disaster if your aged debtors get out of control.

For many businesses, late payments have fast become the norm - just because they are commonplace, it doesn’t mean you should have to accept it as standard practice.

Unpaid invoices can significantly impact businesses of every size, and while conversations around chasing invoices can be difficult, at the end of the day, it is your business that will no doubt take the hit when they continue!

What if Paycada took care of your credit control?

If these issues resonate with you then you may well benefit from Paycada.

A clever little tool that sits seamlessly next to XERO, Paycada has been designed to take control back of your invoicing and encourage your customers to pay on time.

Using cleverly written reminders that are sent out at strategic times ahead of your payment deadlines, Paycada ensures that company invoices get settled before they become overdue.

For our customers, Paycada has already given them one less thing to worry about and taken the pressure away from credit control. As one of our users explains, “I haven’t done any credit control work since setting up on the system, Paycada is handling it all for me. I have nothing to doubt in the system – I know I can rely on it.”

It’s exactly why Paycada was designed; to reduce the impact of aged debtors on businesses, to streamline the invoicing process and to free up resources that would otherwise be spent on chasing payments.

Making payment easier for your customers

There’s no doubt that the fewer obstacles there are to payment, the more likely your customers will pay on time.

Simplifying the process and improving efficiencies is what Paycada is all about, and when you sign up to Paycada, you’ll get access to our dedicated payment portal. Packed with user-friendly features that include being able to remember customer details and enabling multiple invoices to be paid at once, it even allows for company logos to be added to the dashboard so your customers recognise your business immediately.

For some of our customers, it’s made all the difference to the way in which they can collect payment and the speed in which they can be processed; “The payment portal is a winner; clients can see invoices, make payments, and all in a nice branded portal for them to use!

Paycada will even reconcile in XERO and let you know when customers have paid by card, giving you complete oversight without any of the hassle attached.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about how Paycada can fit into your business and your current accounting processes, please feel free to get in touch. We’d welcome a conversation with you and would be very happy to offer a personal demonstration to talk through some of the features if that would help – just let us know.

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